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Caucasus // Secret Spot

Caucasus Secret Spot Ski Trip

Caucasus Secret Spot Ski Trip

The Greater Caucasus mountains are considerably higher than the Alps, averaging 6,000 - 9,000 feet and rising to 18,481 in Mount Elbrus. Explore and ski for the very first time, the big central caucasus mountains! At only a few hours from the main European cities!

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Secret Spot
Caucasus, Secret Spot Heliski

Caucasus Secret Spot Heliski

One of the most amazing experiences of heliskiing
Explore and ski for the very first time, the big mountains of caucasus! Caucasus Secret Spot Heliski Trips

Other Trips to Caucasus

Caucasus, Russia ski

Russia Freeski

Krasnaya Polyana Trip
An Amazing 10-day trip in Russia leaded by professional freeski guides. Spend 2 days discovering Moscow before riding the legendary powder of the Caucasus Mountains. Caucasus Russia Freeski Trips
Caucasus, Russia Heliski

Russia Heliski

Heliski programs from 1 to 6 days
Wide mountain terrains just for you, skiing amazing slopes in and out of the forest. Caucasus Russia Heliski Trips
Caucasus, Russia Freeski Ride with a Pro

Russia Ride with a Pro

Pure Powder, Pure pleasure
10-day ski trip to Russia with pro-skier Thibaud Duchosal. Spend 2 days discovering Moscow before flying to Sochi and Krasnaya Polyanato ride the legendary Caucasus powder and be a movie star. Caucasus Russia Freeski Trips

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